Bengal Kitten Prices

Companion kittens are priced from $700-1500. The low end would apply to the less popular or non-standard colors or patterns, the high end to kittens of show alter quality. All companion kittens must be neutered and will be supplied with a non-breeding TICA registration. Breeding quality kittens will start at $1500 and show kittens at $2000. These evaluations refer to potential; neither fertility nor show titles are guaranteed, as these things are beyond our control and subject to the possibly detrimental effects of the new owner’s husbandry practices. All kittens are sold only with a signed contract that spells out the obligations and guarantees of both buyer and seller. See a sample contract.

Reservations and Deposits

We do not accept reservations or deposits on kittens that are not yet born. If you are interested in a kitten from a particular cat or breeding, please watch our Kittens page. You may wish to use the free services of to notify you when the page is updated. When the kittens are approximately 3 weeks old, we will begin posting pictures. At that time you may contact us by email or phone (703-684-8797) about a particular kitten. Please bear in mind that kittens are not necessarily sold on a first-come-first-served basis to just anyone. Both kittens and buyers are carefully evaluated in order to make the best possible match. Buyers desiring kittens for show/breeding homes will be given preference over pet buyers for kittens evaluated as show/breeder quality, but that does not mean that none will ever be sold to pet homes. Of course, these very special kittens do cost more.

Once you have been matched with your kitten, a $200 deposit will hold the kitten until it is old enough to be picked up or shipped. This deposit, which is subtracted from the purchase price, is non-refundable, as we will be taking the kitten off the market and possibly turning away other sales opportunities. Of course, if we are unable for some reason to actually deliver the kitten, the deposit will be returned. You may make the deposit by cashier’s check, money order, or personal check (which is not binding until the check clears your bank), but the best way to secure your reservation quickly is by PayPal, which affords you the opportunity to use either your bank account or a credit card. We do require a 3% surcharge for PayPal to cover their fees. These same payment methods are acceptable for final payments.

Getting Your Kitten

When the kitten is old enough and your final payment has been made, you may take your kitten home. We prefer local pickup, but we will ship within the United States (perhaps later outside the US if CITES regulations are relaxed). Kittens may be picked up after the age of 9 weeks; we don’t ship before a kitten is 12 weeks old.

Shipping, including kennel cost and health certificate, is at the buyer’s expense. We use counter-to-counter service, and the total fee is usually around $250.

Your kitten will come with current vaccinations, a contractual health guarantee, a sample of the food she is used to, a “familiar-smells” blanket, a sheet of care instructions, and a toy. We recommend that the kitten be isolated from other animals (particularly other cats) for at least the first 72 hours of the health evaluation period, because if this is not done, we cannot take the kitten back into our cattery.

We know that you will just love your Simply Bengals kitten!