Simply Bengals is a small, in-home cattery in the Washington, DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, where kittens are raised underfoot to be well-socialized, healthy, and loving companions.

We are devoted exclusively to the Bengal breed (thus our cattery name), concentrating our efforts on producing the Bengal cat of our dreams - a cat with as much of the exotic type of the Asian leopard cat as possible, but painted with glitter and patterns more beautiful than any ALC ever possessed, and with the easy confidence and companionable nature of the domestic side of his inheritance.

In this endeavor, we stand on the shoulders of those who pioneered the breed. They have our highest gratitude, and we hope that our efforts will do them proud.

The love of animals has been a life focus since early childhood. We come to Bengal cat breeding from many successful years of breeding and showing dogs - Cocker Spaniels from 1973 to 1988, Scottish Deerhounds from 1987 to the present. Although none currently reside with us, one that we co-bred and own is being very successfully campaigned: MBIS SBIS Ch. Lehigh-Darkwynd Caragh, with multiple Bests in Show to her credit. Our breeding directly contributed to several of the country’s top ten Deerhounds of 2006, including numbers 1 & 2. We have also owned and bred silver Persian cats.

We hope to bring the knowledge of genetics and breeding practices gleaned from all these years to the quest for our ideal Bengal cat, and in the process, to create wonderful companions for those discriminating people who wish to own the world’s most beautiful breed of cat.

Our main focus is the beautiful black-spotted golden Bengal, but because we believe that the silver Bengal is an important part of the quest, we expect to always have at least a few of them.

We are members of TICA, with whom our cattery and cats have been registered since 2002; and breeder members of TIBCS and TIBBA, and signatory to their codes of ethics.